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Reconciliation  Old  Catholic  Church
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For all information concerning Mass Schedules,
and parishes, please call the Main Chancery
Office at  (602)  249-6565

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Land Donation    
Our parish in Kingman has received a donation of eight acres of land.   They are starting a Building Fund and hope in the next year to be able to start a building project.  All donations are tax-deductible, so please consider helping us with this wonderful project !




Miracles In Abundance Ministry
 We the members of Reconciliation Old Catholic Church have dedicated ourselves to the ministry of Miracles In Abundance Ministry.  Since 1992 Father Carl Alzen and his wife Hanna and Peggy Sanderson have dedicated their time, money and talents to serve the people of the Navajo Tribe Native Americans with food, water, clothing and a special ministry during the Christmas Season to provide gifts for the children who other wise might go without.  Many blessings have been given us, and we celebrate the opportunity to give back to our sisters and brothers on the reservation !   If you would like to donate water, food, clothing, money, please contact the Chancery Office at (480) 649-0901  May our Lord continue to bless you and your family ! 

Our Church is here to be an active part of the ministry of helping all who are in need.   We are begining the process of applying for Grants to help us establish a place where we can be of service to the community.  We are seeking a building where we can open a space for food, health and educational benefits for those who are in need.  Please pray that our request will be answered so we may continue to serve the church and our brothers and sisters in need. Please mail your donation to our Chancery Office in the name of the church and we Thank You  for your kindness and genorousity !

We are seeking donations for blankets, gloves, hats
for the homeless.  Our church members visit the
areas in downtown Phoenix and distribute these items to the needy.  We thank you for your kindness !!
If you would like to make a cash donation to help our ministry, please make your check out to:
Reconciliation Old Catholic Church

Thank you !



Reconciliation Old Catholic Church
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